May 30, 2018


Custom Fun with Cole Pro / Deluxe

Here at Cole we want you to B.Y.O.B - Build your own Beretta! So we are coming up with new custom ideas for customer creations every day! On the A400 12g guns you can pick your color and wood!! How about the Cole Xcel Pro with precision trigger job, Briley bolt handle and release button? Want nice wood? Check out the Cole Xcel Pro "Deluxe" with super fancy upgraded wood. That's real grain, guys and gals! We're working on a TSK stock option for the A400. So many exciting things in the works!

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May 04, 2018


Cole: Your One Stop Shop for Perazzi Shotguns

With 35+ years of hands-on experience and technical understanding of Italian shotgun production, Rich Cole brings a unique knowledge and skill set to the Perazzi ordering process. Rich has spent his entire career building his knowledge of Italian Shotguns in the fine crafts of gunsmithing, fitting and stockmaking.

There are shops that sell guns, there are stock fitters and stockmakers, and there are gunsmiths- the guys who repair and customize. We’re lucky enough to have all of the above in one place! If a new Perazzi Shotgun is in your future, there is no better place – this is your one stop shop. Let us guide you through all important aspects of ordering a custom gun; mechanical specifications, wood grading and integrity, stock fit and final finish. This is an incredible opportunity to work with someone who knows how to spec out the many custom options available. The end result? The best fit and handling dynamics, a gun you will enjoy for years to come. Among the many things to consider: trigger style, barrel weight, rib height, barrel length, balance, bore diameter, chokes, stock weight, integrity/ durability of wood. Of course, the cosmetics come into play as well, let us guide you about metal finish, engraving, wood grade, etc.

These are the decisions that must be made to get the basic gun in production and then choose one of four terrific options NOW  available for getting your dimensions just right.

  1. Visit Mauro Perazzi at the National Sporting Clays Championship in October for your expert fitting. 
  2. Not going to Nationals? Visit Cole Gunsmithing in SW Florida and Rich will conduct your fitting.
  3. Visit Rich in the Harpswell, Maine location during the month of July. You can have your fitting done on the beautiful coast of Maine, followed by the best lobstah evah!
  4. We can help you coordinate travel to the Perazzi factory in Italy to select your wood and have your fitting. This is an amazing experience.


Did you know?

  • When you order your Perazzi from Cole Gunsmithing you can have your gun delivered unfinished, in the white – take it out and try it before final finish. Rich will make any adjustments needed and finish to your taste. Custom checkering and finish options.
  • You can have the gun custom stocked to your dimensions (included in the price).
  • When you order your Perazzi through Cole Gunsmithing you can choose from a photo gallery of upgrade wood blanks hand- selected by Rich in Italy for their durability and beauty. We’re making another trip in September, we’ll hand- select the perfect blank for your order!
  • Cole Gunsmithing has some barreled actions in stock just waiting for your custom wood selection. The stock can be built in about 2 months. This drastically minimizes the wait time. The current production time on a new Perazzi is 8 months (12-15 months for engraved models).

Call our Naples, Florida shop (239) 352-0345 with any additional questions. 

Rich Cole & Mauro Perazzi

Rich Cole and Mauro Perazzi discuss order specifications before selecting wood



Perazzi Upgrade Blanks






March 29, 2018


ClayShooting Article - Loose Action Rebuild

In Case you missed it! Check out this ClayShooting (November/December 2017) article written by Dana Farrell based on interviews with Rich Cole. 


August 21, 2017


Pics from our 2017 Argentina Wingshooting Adventure

For the third year in a row, we have just returned from our affiliate lodge in Argentina after a productive shooting adventure which included doves, pigeons, ducks, and perdiz.

Seven of our clients/friends from as far away as Alaska spent two days in Buenos Aires experiencing the Argentine food/culture and then four days  shooting at our luxury lodge.  On the last day with her last shell, Kim Atkins of Chattanooga, Tennessee swung on the first of three ducks crossing in front of her blind and executed a rare triple!

Our shooting packages for August 2018 will be posted on our website shortly.
Reserve your slot early and join the Cole staff in Argentina next year. We take care of all the details and travel with you every step of the way!

Click here to check out all the pics on our Facebook album.

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March 20, 2017


Shooter Spotlight: Rylee Lopez

Rylee with Rich and Jona Cole at Gator Cup 2017

We are so pleased to announce that Rylee Lopez, a member of the Young Guns Scholastic shooting program out of Quail Creek in Okeechobee was the winner of the Cole Custom Shotgun giveaway...


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March 20, 2017


Resort Pages Magazine - The Shooter's Tailor

Resort Pages Magazine of Naples recently published an article on "The Shooter's Tailor" Rich Cole. Thank's A.K. Wilson for a beautiful well written piece.

Click here to read the Article by A.K. Wilson

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October 23, 2016


Farewell to a brilliant craftsman and our friend, Giancarlo Pedretti

Farewell Giancarlo Pedretti

We received some very sad news about the recent passing of world renowned Master Engraver, Giancarlo Pedretti. He was a cherished friend of Cole Gunsmithing and his studio has commissioned the hand- engraved actions featured on our Cole Custom Shotguns for more than a decade. Giancarlo was born in Gardone, Italy in 1947 and passed away unexpectedly in late September of this year. Giancarlo spent his entire working life perfecting his craft, engraving for Beretta and Abbiatico and Salvinelli, Piotti, Luciano Bosis and many other of the world's finest...

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August 22, 2016


Argentina Wingshooting Trip Review

Argentina Wingshooting Group

Every last thing was top notch. The accommodations were comfortable, clean and cozy-- the lodge beautiful, the staff friendly and attentive, the meals very traditional and authentic Argentinian cuisine. I am told the wine was fabulous:-) We had the chance to ride horseback, kayak the stream, and hunt doves/ ducks and perdiz in a variety of settings. The guides were terrific, especially dealing with a lady brand new to hunting. We were able to visit a variety of spots in an area loaded with mixed bag opportunities to hunt duck, doves and perdiz. I've never known (and couldn't have fathomed) the peace and beauty of sitting in a duck blind before dawn, watching the sun rise as the ducks begin their daily flight. Just spectacular! Read More >>

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May 27, 2016


Father / Son Spotlight: Steve and Andy Doak

Photo: Doak Fmaily

With Father's Day just around the corner we thought it would be fun to hear about the ways hunting and sport shooting have brought our customers' families closer together. We have had the pleasure of working with Steve and Andy Doak for many years now and we're grateful to them for sharing their story with us...


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September 24, 2015


ClayShootingUSA - The Beretta Cole Special Review

As everyone knows, we take a lot of pride in our work here at Cole Fine Guns and Gunsmithing. It always means a lot to us when gun enthusiasts appreciate the detail we put into everything we do. Shep Kelly recently published a review on the Cole Special in the October / November issue of ClayShootingUSA. We wanted to take a minute to share it with you.

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