May 27, 2016


Father / Son Spotlight: Steve and Andy Doak

Photo: Doak Family

With Father's Day just around the corner we thought it would be fun to hear about the ways hunting and sport shooting have brought our customers' families closer together. We have had the pleasure of working with Steve and Andy Doak for many years now and we're grateful to them for sharing their story with us.

The traditions of hunting, enjoying the outdoors and firearms extend back generations in our family, and that is no different for my father and I today. Some of my fondest childhood memories are tucked in the middle of a canoe in between decoy bags and gear, just tall enough to see over the canoe, listening to the rhythmic sound of a canoe paddle as my father piloted us across a pond to our favorite duck hunting spot or down a stream in search of woodducks.  Then there are the times when we entered the woods at dawn and exited at dusk searching all day for whitetailed deer. As a teenager my father got me involved not only in hunting but shooting sports as well, something I enjoyed then and still do today. There were many lessons learned along the way as, safety around firearms, responsible gun ownership, quality in firearms, respect for wildlife and the importance of supporting conservation organizations to name a few.

Today we continue to be involved in the outdoors and hunting. From training our hunting dogs, to focusing on improving our property for wildlife, to talking about our next firearms purchase it’s all something we enjoy doing together.

We’ve been a customer of Cole Gunsmithing for a number of years now. To say we’ve been treated like family would be an understatement. Wither it’s getting a custom fitting from Rich, talking guns with Bob and Jim, Kelly showing us something exciting on the shelf or ordering parts from Robin, it’s all part of the fun when visiting the Cole showroom. We’ve had the complete experience at Cole’s from difficult repairs on a priceless family firearm, to custom made parts, to a purchase on a new gun Cole has provide us that great service you look for in a firearms dealer and gunsmith.

-Andy Doak

Best wishes to all you Fathers out there. Do you have any family hunting or sporting clays stories you'd like to share? We'd love to hear them in the comments below!

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