March 20, 2017


Shooter Spotlight: Rylee Lopez

Rylee with Rich and Jona Cole at Gator Cup 2017

We are so pleased to announce that Rylee Lopez, a member of the Young Guns Scholastic shooting program out of Quail Creek in Okeechobee was the winner of the Cole Custom Shotgun giveaway.

Rylee Lopez is 15 years old and is a Freshman in High School. She is a 3rd year member of Young Guns of Quail Creek in Okeechobee Florida. Shooting sporting clays is her passion and always works to improve and better herself on and off the course. Rylee is active in her church and youth group, and enjoys serving the community through this outlet.

Rylee has been homeschooled for 2 years and attends dual enrollment classes that allows her to earn college credit while in high school. In the spring of her 8th grade year she initially took 2 college classes, excelling at this level, she has completed 18 credit hours. She has made the Dean’s List, and plans to earn her AA soon! Being homeschooled has allowed her opportunities academically that she would not have had otherwise.

Rylee joined Young Guns of Quail Creek in the 7th grade. With very little gun experience other than hunting trips with family, she knew she wanted to try shooting sporting clays. Quickly it became apparent that she loved the sport and set personal goals to improve her skill and scores! By the end of her second year she was on her way to the SCTP National Championship in Ohio. Earning 5th place Ladies in the IA division for Sporting Clays, while was very exciting, only fueled her desire to become better for the next year. Rylee practices as often as her schedule allows and enters as many scored shoots as she can to gain more experience in a competitive environment. She has also enjoyed competing in Skeet and Trap, placing with her team as well as an individual lady.

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