August 22, 2016


Argentina Wingshooting Trip Review

Our Argentina Wingshooting Group

I am a warm weather traveler; if I have time off, I seek tropical places with beaches and pretty fish. Many of you may know, we had the opportunity to travel to Argentina this month and I try to be a good sport so I went along. I don't eat meat and I don't drink, so the call of beef and wine did not entice me... I'm not a "hunter", so the idea of shooting thousands of birds held no real appeal; I promise you, an Argentina bird hunt was not on my bucket list. Mind you, August is winter in Argentina, no tropical beaches, no pretty fish, but oh, there is so much more than I could have imagined! I'm so glad I opened my mind, I had no idea what I was missing. I thought I might venture out on one hunt, just to have the experience, and figured I'd spend the remaining time relaxing, curled up with a good book, napping in the afternoon. Wrong. This experience changed me. In fact, you might even call me a "hunter" now. I missed only one hunt during our four day stay, just because I really wanted a chance for horseback riding. What an incredible experience!

Every last thing was top notch. The accommodations were comfortable, clean and cozy-- the lodge beautiful, the staff friendly and attentive, the meals very traditional and authentic Argentinian cuisine. I am told the wine was fabulous:-) We had the chance to ride horseback, kayak the stream, and hunt doves/ ducks and perdiz in a variety of settings. The guides were terrific, especially dealing with a lady brand new to hunting. We were able to visit a variety of spots in an area loaded with mixed bag opportunities to hunt duck, doves and perdiz. I've never known (and couldn't have fathomed) the peace and beauty of sitting in a duck blind before dawn, watching the sun rise as the ducks begin their daily flight. Just spectacular!

We were able to travel with some of our customers who have become our good friends and we are so grateful for the opportunity. Everything was just magnificent, beginning with our non-stop flight from Miami. We opted for a 3 day stay in Buenos Aires where we learned about the history, visited a leather factory, had lovely dining experiences, saw a Tango show and traveled to some quaint neighborhoods with a lot of European/ Italian vibe- so much character! We were then picked up at our hotel for a short two hour van ride with our traveling companions (in an nice comfortable van) to the lodge. No 2nd plane ride to Cordoba; the lodge is located just 170 KM (105miles) from Buenos Aires.

Our group had four ladies along (hunters and non- hunters alike) and we were all beyond thrilled with our experience- we all look forward to a return trip!

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