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Cole Reel Style Choke Tube Wrench

Cole Reel Style Choke Tube Wrench
The Ideal tool for choke tube changing
  • Allows you to Remove and insert chokes in just seconds.
  • Easy to operate. 
  • The lugs that engage the choke are made of heat treated steel for extra strength and durability
  • Works great at a shooting station, in the field or at your bench.
  • Rubber gasket to help with proper alignment and easy removal.
  • works with flush or extended tubes
  • Fits all 4 notch choke systems~ Beretta MobilChoke and Optima HP, Perazzi, Zoli, Blaser, F.A.I.R., etc.
  • Available in 12g or 20g only

Made In the USA 

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