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Beretta 680 Series 12GA Laminate Sporting Wood Sets - Multiple Colors Available

Beretta 680 Series 12GA Laminate Sporting Wood Sets


You will NOT find these VERY COOL, light weight, DURABLE, and affordable wood sets anywhere else!
What is Laminate wood? Glad you asked...

Laminate wood is created with special adhesives that are pushed into the fibers of the wood as the individual layers are pressed together under heat and great pressure. This process helps to bond the adhesive to the wood fibers at a microscopic level and helps to cure the adhesive as it infuses into the individual wood fibers, becoming a part of the wood.

The adhesive used in wood laminates helps to stiffen the wood and make it much stronger. Engineered hardwoods are far superior in strength and rigidity to solid wood. With adhesive impregnating the tiny spaces between the wood fibers, it bonds permanently, giving the wood fibers 50% more rigidity, more strength, and much more durability than solid wood.

Comb Dimensions: 1 1/2"x 2 3/8"
Cast: Right Hand approx. 1/8"-1/4" w/ Palm swell
LOP: 14" without a pad
Finish: Satin Oil Finish
Forend: Rounded Sporting

This wood set will require additional fitting to your firearm by a qualified professional. Cole Gunsmithing offers this service for an additional $250

If your A400 is the new 2022 style with a Kick-Off system, you will additionally need to purchase a standard stock bolt to fit these wood sets to your gun. 

*Please note that this is a generic listing and the wood set you receive may not be the set in the photo. Grain and color may vary slightly.
This wood set is located Maine. Please call 207-833-5027 (select option 2) for more information.