Syren L4S Sporting Shotguns

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If you want light weight and low recoil, this is the ideal shotgun for you. The Syren L4S semi-automatic target shotgun offers very low recoil without the heavier weight of an over-under style gun. They made the forend shorter and trimmer to reduce weight and improve the overall balance making the L4S easy to handle and shoot. The L4S incorporates a reliable gas operating system that significantly softens the recoil of even heavy 12 gauge target loads.

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Barrel Length: 

28", 30"

Barrel Weight: 


Bore Diameter: 



2 ¾"


EXIS HP™ Competition Choke Tubes


11mm - 8mm Tapered

Stock Dimensions

Drop at Nose: 

1 ½"

Drop at Montecarlo:  1 ¾"

Drop at Heel: 

2 ½"

Cast:  Right Hand or Left Hand

Length of Pull: 


Forend Style:  Round




6lb Average

Warranty:  5 Years