Shooter's Hearing Protectors

Shooter's Ear Plugs from  are designed to provide premium hearing protection for a wide range of shooting sports.

 Shooter's Ear Plugs allow low level sounds that are not harmful to hearing to pass through and reach the ear canals, while dangerous gunfire sounds are blocked. The best-selling shooter's ear plugs of all time .

Highly recommended for construction and industrial jobs with intermittent impact noises!

 Shooter's Ear Plug Features: 
+ Vented to eliminate that 'plugged up' feeling. 
+ Blocks loud impulse noises, but lets most sounds at safe volume levels still be heard. 
+ Permits normal conversation. 
+ Soft silicone rubber cushion for comfort. 
+ 18 NRR, which means you can hear most of what is going on around you, yet still be protected automatically when needed