ShockEater Recoil Pad

Shock Eater Recoil Pad

The Shock Eater Recoil Pad is made with revolutionary Nano-Poly technology for maximum recoil absorption. It is ultra-thin and lightweight, only 8 mm thick and 1.4 oz. The flexible design conforms to the shoulder improving pitch and toe angles. 

 Cole logo shirts available with sewn in pocket for pad- Left and Right hand options available!! 

ShockEater technology allows the pad to absorb recoil in two ways:

  1. Improve gun fit – The ShockEater® Recoil Pad is designed be soft enough to conform to your gunstock when mounting, creating a “sweet spot” in the pad that will be unique to your mounting style. This provides a customized position for your shoulder, supporting consistent mounting and proper gun fit.
  1. Eat the Kick – Forget about creating a buffer… ShockEater®works at a molecular level to literally “Eat the Kick” and absorb recoil within the material itself. When moved slowly the molecules within the polymer will just slide past each other, making the material soft/conformal to touch. But when a high-energy impact occurs, the molecules grip onto one another, locking together to absorb and dissipate energy for just a few milliseconds before releasing and becoming soft and conformal once again.  That’s why we call it the ShockEater®… it will literally “eat” the shock and vibration associated with recoil.
Simply insert the recoil pad into the shooting pad pocket on the inside of your vest Cole shirt, or jacket with the flat side facing away from your body.