QMAXX Blue Cleaner and Lubricant 2oz


QMAXX Blue Cleaner and Lubricant 2oz Drip Top

QMaxx lubricates without Teflon or silicone and creates a dry-to-the-touch barrier that won’t pick up the dirt, debris or particulate matter that causes wear and tear. But what puts QMaxx in a class of its own is the patented water-displacement technology and molecular-level bonding between QMaxx and metal. As a result:

  • Water cannot get between QMaxx and metal surfaces because QMaxx is heavier than water. It displaces moisture, thus stopping the rust and corrosion cycle.
  • QMaxx creates a long-lasting, invisible barrier that won’t crack. Unlike traditional physical barriers (oils, paints, primers and coatings), QMaxx bonds with metal surfaces.