Pro Shot 10cc Syringe Pro Gold Lube

Pro Shot Syringe Pro Gold Lube 

World Famous Pro-Gold Grease, used and sought after worldwide by accuracy minded shooters!  

Easy to use and apply Syringe of Pro-Gold.

A special superior formula grease engineered for firearm lubrication and protection. Superior performance on stainless, chrome molly, nickel, and blued firearms.

Prevents metal wear areas: bolt action locking lugs, actions, frame rails, shotgun hinge pins, and reloading tools.

Pro-Gold Features and Benefits:

  • Anti-Wear
  • Extreme Pressure Additive
  • Heat Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Temperature Operating Range: 0°F to 500° F.
  • Excellent for:  Firearms, fishing tackle, and compound bows.

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