Pre-Owned Perazzi MX12 Barrel | 12GA 30"

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Pre-Owned Perazzi MX12 Barrel | 12GA 30" 

2017 Pre-Owned MX12 barrel. In perfect shape with no signs of rust or pitting. Fit with white front bead and no mid bead. 

Did you know that Cole Gunsmithing is one of the only shotgun dealers in the US that is also a factory authorized service center for the brands we sell? We are authorized to perform service on your Beretta, Perazzi, Zoli, Blaser and Fausti shotguns,  When you service, customize or buy your shotgun from us you get the Cole Experience- superior service, knowledge and expertise backed by 40 years specializing in the repair and customization of fine Shotguns. Build a relationship with your gun dealer and gunsmith all in one place. We're your one stop shop, and we've been waiting for you!  

Federal firearms laws do not allow us to ship firearms directly to you.
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Barrel Length: 


Barrel Weight: 


Bore Diameter: 





 Fixed: .021/.011


 11mm - 7mm Tapered w/Vented ½ Side Ribs

Barrel Condition


Excellent Condition: Excellent shape throughout. No rust or pitting. Perfect bores.