Perazzi MX12 Wood Blank | Right Hand | SN#: FLB-21048

Perazzi MX12 Wood Blank | Right Hand | SN#: FLB-21048

Grade: 5

Our fine walnut blanks are machined to factory specifications using modern CNC technology to ensure perfect inletting. Furthermore, they are assessed using the European grading system for blanks used by the suppliers of Turkish Walnut. Although it is impossible to know the exact origin of our high grade walnut offerings, most is classified as Turkish as it originates from Turkey and the countries in that region.  

Please note that Cole Gunsmithing grades wood according to a European Scale. As such, this blank in particular may not correlate to another grading scale.

*On some blanks, you may see a circular imprint in the wood. This is from the fixturing mount when the blank is inletted and in no way affects the strength or cosmetics of the final product.

Price listed includes stock and forend blank. The cost of creating a beautiful stock and forend from the blank to our customer's specification is an additional $3250 or $3500 for side plated models. This includes a standard pad and either oil finish or urethane finish, and deluxe 26 line per inch hand checkering.
This wood blank is located in our Florida shop. Please call 239-352-0345 for more information.

This product is available ONLY for Cole Custom jobs.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase this blank for a custom stock, made by Cole Gunsmithing.