Zoli Z-Sport Mid Rib Silver Headed Stock Sporting Shotgun | 12GA 32" | SN#: 255295

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Zoli Z-Sport Mib Rib Silver Headed Stock Sporting Shotgun | 12GA 32" | SN#: 255295

 The Z-Sport Mid Rib model is identifiable thanks to its medium height and fixed tapered rib - a small but very important detail that contributes to achieve a more relaxed neck position when shooting. This gun is fit with a custom stock ready to be fit to your exact dimensions! 

Price is Inclusive of Gun and Labor to Make a Custom Stock and Matching Forend. Additional Cost Will Depend on the Wood Blank Selected

Wood Blank Photographed - Factory Matched Set ($2,200)

Blanks are easily interchangeable should you decide on a gun, but prefer a different piece of wood. 

Why Zoli?
- Proven Ballistic Excellence
- Silver Soldered Barrels
- Detachable Trigger
- Action Machined from Solid Block of Steel
- Boss Locking System
- Balanced for superior handling dynamics

The entire Z-Gun range is fitted with a forged, stainless steel, monoblock action that makes it possible to encompass a Boss-type lock system and an easily extractable trigger group. The different stocks on offer are all easy to disassemble and interchangeable. But the real asset of this range, as with all Zoli guns, is to be uncovered in the barrels, all entirely silver soldered, affording a softer, more gradual recoil in spite of the extreme ballistic performance. The techniques Zoli employ to make these barrels is the outcome of over 50-years of experience they have acquired thanks to their in-house production.

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Barrel Length: 


Barrel Weight: 


Bore Diameter: 





Antonio Zoli Extended Chokes: LM | IC | M | IM | SK


11mm - 7mm 

Stock Dimensions

Drop at Nose: 

 TBD (Custom Stock)

Drop at Heel: 

TBD (Custom Stock)

Cast:  TBD (Custom Stock)

Length of Pull: 

 TBD (Custom Stock)

Forend Style:  Round Sporting


 TBD (Custom Stock)


 TBD (Custom Stock)

Warranty:  10 Years