Beretta SV10 12ga 1 1/2" x 2 3/8" Sporting Q-Stock w/KO #SV9

Beretta SV10 12ga. Sporting Q-Stock w/KO #SV9

1 1/2" x 2 3/8"

Oil Finish

Q-Stock Technology

The new profile Q-Stock® features an exclusive attachment system to the receiver, patented by Beretta, which allows its dis assembly in just a few seconds – for replacement, special work or access to the trigger mechanism – without having to remove the recoil pad.
This new Q-Stock® design no longer requires the traditional internal through-bolt since it attaches directly to the receiver, increasing the solidity of the receiver-stock assembly.
The result is a lock-up that is constant over time, also contributing to extending the life of the shotgun. The dis assembly operation is executed using the included special key, inserting it through the grip cap which features an elegant and functional hinged cover plate.


Kick-off Mechanism

The new patented Kick-Off® mechanism (on select models only) was conceived to significantly reduce the felt recoil to the shooter’s shoulder.
Thanks to Kick-Off®, the recoil energy is gradually dissipated through two oil hydraulic dampeners integrated into the design, with obvious better comfort to the shooter.
At the same time, the vibrations and the muzzle rise are decreased, and the durability, reliability and handling of the firearm are enhanced.

Stock removal Key NOT included.

Grade: Prevail  III

 located in Maine

This set requires additional fitting to your firearm by a qualified professional.