A400 36 Kick Off Unit

Beretta A400 Kick Off Unit

Please be sure to choose the correct model!

In order to use this KO unit, you must already have the Kick off stock to accommodate it. It will not fit in a standard Non- Kick off stock. 

C88306- Fits A400 action 12g, A400 Action 20g, A400 Xplor 12g

C89674-  Fits A400 Xcel, 12g

E00687- Mega Kick Off - Fits  A400 Xtreme 3.5"

Laboratory tests have shown two distinct peaks in recoil. The explosion of the ammunition is the ­first the impact of the bolt against the receiver is the
second. Kick-Off 3 is a third hydraulic damper that cushions this stress on the mechanical components and further reduces recoil by an additional 10% for
a total recoil reduction of 70%.
Kick-Off® is the only recoil reduction in the world that uses two hydraulic dampeners very similar to those in automobile suspensions. All the other
systems on the market are based on the deformation of soft materials like rubber, polyurethane or polymer inserts. The difference? 70% less recoil than the nearest competitor.