Beretta A300 Outlander Sporting 12 ga 30 inch

From across the range you recognize that familiar silhouette.  It still certainly still looks good.  You watch the young shooter mount and snug it into his shoulder.  You remember your first few times. Back when you were still fumbling around at these games we all love so much.    Then the call is uttered, the orange target flashes, the young shooter confidently executes the move.  The clay explodes, the referee marks the score sheet. The confident shooter calls again and again the gun barks and another X is on the scorecard.  Yep a chip of the old block. That young squire is on the right path now.

Ok folks enough memory lane.  What you are now looking at is an unsung hero from our friends at Beretta.  This is the A300 Outlander Sporting.  It sports a 30” vent rib barrel with brass muzzle and smaller brass mid bead.  Supplied with three extended chokes. It has slight palm swells again for the lefty as well as the rest of us.  The finish is a very uniform fine black mate to reduce glare.  This shotguns heritage is the fabled and beloved Beretta 390 and 391.  Much of that excellent operating system was retained just for this fine gun.  It’s an operating system a new shooter can be taught how to easily appreciate, clean and maintain.  A local instructor turned me onto this item and once I had it in our shop I could not wait to bring it to you.

This is the gun a new shooter regardless of age can learn to play all our clay games with as well as take to the upland fields.  To further the guns longevity and usefulness for rising shooters Beretta also offers stock spacers and slightly longer screws allowing this gun to grow with a young shooter from elementary all the way through high school if they so desire.  Simply put, this is the gun that will grow with your young shooter and serve us old hands well too.  Its supplied with stock shims so you can adjust the stock so even a left-handed shooter is comfortable.  Hint, Hint, folks with eye dominance issues contrary to your natural handedness.  This is an excellent affordable platform to work out those issues whilst converting to shooting with your strongest eye.   

4H and Youth Shooting Directors please call for incentives on this fantastic platform.

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