Beretta 682 Super Sport 12g with Briley Tubes 28" PREOWNED with Americase SN: L16345B

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Beretta 682 Super Sport 12g 28" SN:L16345B

With Americase! We have a beautiful Beretta 682 Super Sport with 3 sets of Briley Tubes- 20g, 28g, and .410 (Including chokes). Manufactured in 1993, this firearm has ~1,000 rounds run through it with minor handling marks. Mechanical and and Aesthetic Condition is 95%.

The Beretta 682 shotgun- One of Beretta’s most successful competition guns ever, has been with us for almost 4 decades. Since its inception in 1984 the sporter model alone must have won more major competitions than any other Beretta. Top shooters like George Digweed and Barry Simpson have used 682's for many of their major victories, not to mention countless highly successful trap and skeet exponents.

The basic mechanics of the 682 firearm have changed very little since it's introduction. However, it has been subject to many useful improvements in both technical specification and woodwork which have transformed it from a rather over-weight, ‘numb’ offering in the very early days to a gun which is very much capable of winning competitions at the very top level.

The 682 is a handful. with most versions weighing in at 7lbs plus. This might be a little heavy for some folks, but the weight does give the gun a very steady point and swing.

It also helps soak up recoil, a plus point in a 100-target competition, and recoil is further reduced on the latest models thanks to the use of Beretta’s ‘Optima’ barrel boring system. This system, coupled with long forcing cones and extended multichoke tubes, also leads to improved patterning.

Barrels hinge to the action on stub pins, and lock-up is achieved by a fork-shaped bolt with tips passing through the standing breech to engage with holes in the barrel shoulders. There are no barrel lumps.

This gun features a single, selective trigger.

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