SCHEMATIC REFERENCE - 91 -A40091, TX491, A300091, 1301COMP91, 1301TACTICAL91, A400LC91, A400LS91, A400LS2091, A400UL91, A400UP91, A400XM91, A400XP91, A400XS91, A400XS2091, A400BE91, A400XA91, A400XA2091, A400XAS91, A400XA2891

Beretta shotgun part LEFT BRACE HAMMER STRUT for A400, TX4, A3000, 1301COMP, 1301TACTICAL, A400LC, A400LS, A400LS20, A400UL, A400UP, A400XM, A400XP, A400XS, A400XS20, A400BE, A400XA, A400XA20, A400XAS, A400XA28

Note: It is recommended that all BERETTA PARTS be installed by a QUALIFIED and trained gunsmith.

Beretta Shotgun A400XA Xplor Action
Beretta Shotgun A400XAS Xplor Action Left
Beretta Shotgun A400XS Xcel Sporting
Beretta Shotgun A400XM Xcel Multitarget
Beretta Shotgun A400XP Xcel Parallel Target
Beretta Shotgun A400UP Upland
Beretta Shotgun A400LC Lite Comp
Beretta Shotgun A400LS Lite Synthetic
Beretta Shotgun A400UL Ultra Lite
Beretta Shotgun A400BE Black Edition

The left hammer strut is a part of the trigger group of the Beretta A400 shotgun. It is responsible for transferring the energy from the hammer to the firing pin. The hammer strut is held in place by two bushings.

The trigger group of a shotgun is the mechanism that controls the firing of the shotgun. It consists of several parts including the trigger, hammer, sear, and safety. The trigger is pulled to set off the chain reaction that is the gun’s lock work. This reaction consists of the trigger releasing the sear and subsequently the hammer, which allows the spring to release, which forces the hammer, via the striker, through the striker holes in the action body; thus, detonating the cartridge.

It is important to clean your Beretta semi-automatic shotgun clean. Below are some quick simple tips and this helpful VIDEO GUIDE:
1. Make sure your gun is UNLOADED and the action is EMPTY to avoid accidental discharge and the barrel is pointed in a safe direction.
2. Field strip your shotgun.
3. Clean the bore, clean the gas ports, clean the choke tube threads occasionally, wipe off the rest of it.
4. Soak the bolt assembly and the trigger assembly occasionally for about 15 minutes, about every 2,000 rounds or so.
5. Spray the piston, elastic piston seal and magazine tube with Beretta Gun Oil.
6. Ensure that the piston glides freely on the magazine tube.
7. To clean the walls of the gas cylinder, spray the walls with Beretta Gun Oil and clean thoroughly with a bronze brush.
8. Shotgun reassembly.
9. Check the controls of your shotgun.
10. Spray the gun with gun treatment and let it sit, then wipe