SCHEMATIC REFERENCE – 147 - A400XP147, A400XS147, A400BE147, A400XA147, A400XA20147

PART NUMBER - C5E471 - C5D995

Beretta shotgun part CAP GRIP FOR STOCK W/O GUN POD for A400XP, A400XS, A400BE, A400XA, A400XA20

This grip cap is a decorative cap that is placed on the end of the stock of a Beretta shotgun. It is usually made of plastic or metal and can be engraved with a design or logo of your liking. It is used to cover the end of the Beretta shotgun stock and provides a more finished look.

Note: It is recommended that all BERETTA PARTS be installed by a QUALIFIED and trained gunsmith.

Here are some general steps to install a grip cap on your shotgun stock:
1. Remove the old grip cap if there is one. You can do this by using a razor blade to cut around the edge where the cap is joining the stock and then popping the old cap out with a small screwdriver.
2. Clean the area where the new grip cap will be installed.
3. Apply a small amount of glue to the inside of the new grip cap.
4. Place the new grip cap onto the end of the stock and press it firmly into place.
5. Allow the glue to dry completely before you use the shotgun.

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Beretta Shotgun A400XA Xplor Action
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It is important to clean your Beretta semi-automatic
shotgun. The Semi-Automatic shotguns are notorious for build up around the gas valve, and malfunctioning.  Let Casey the Gunsmith at Cole show you how to clean your Beretta semi-automatic shotgun.

Below are some quick simple tips:
1. Make sure your gun is UNLOADED and the action is EMPTY to avoid accidental discharge and the barrel is pointed in a safe direction.
2. Field strip your shotgun.
3. Clean the bore, clean the gas ports, clean the choke tube threads occasionally, wipe off the rest of it.
4. Soak the bolt assembly and the trigger assembly occasionally for about 15 minutes, about every 2,000 rounds or so.
5. Spray the piston, elastic piston seal and magazine tube with Beretta Gun Oil.
6. Ensure that the piston glides freely on the magazine tube.
7. To clean the walls of the gas cylinder, spray the walls with Beretta Gun Oil and clean thoroughly with a bronze brush.
8. Shotgun reassembly.
9. Check the controls of your shotgun.
10. Spray the gun with gun treatment and let it sit, then wipe