SCHEMATIC REFERENCE – 75, 112 – XTREMA75, A400112, TX4112, 1301COMP112, A400UP112, A400XM112, A400XP112, A400XS112, A400BE112, A400XA112, A400XAS112

PART NUMBER - C95313 12 gauge


SCHEMATIC REFERENCE – 112 – A400XS20112, A400XA20112

PART NUMBER - C97264 20 gauge


SCHEMATIC REFERENCE – 112 – A400LC112, A400LS20112

PART NUMBER - C9A038 20 gauge



PART NUMBER - C97272 28 gauge

Beretta shotgun part RECOIL SPRING for XTREMA, A400, TX4, 1301COMP, A400UP, A400XM, A400XP, A400XS, A400BE, A400XA, A400XAS, A400XS20, A400XA20, A400XA28, A400LC, A400LS20, A400XA28.
NOTE: It is recommended that all BERETTA PARTS be installed by a QUALIFIED and trained gunsmith. Cole Gunsmithing Service Work Order Request Form CLICK HERE

Beretta Shotgun A400BE Black Edition

Beretta Shotgun A400LC Lite Comp

Beretta Shotgun A400LS Lite Synthetic

Beretta Shotgun A400UL Ultra Lite

Beretta Shotgun A400UP Upland

Beretta Shotgun A400XA Xplor Action

Beretta Shotgun A400XAS Xplor Action Left

Beretta Shotgun A400XM Xcel Multitarget

Beretta Shotgun A400XP Xcel Parallel Target

Beretta Shotgun A400XS Xcel Sporting

Beretta Shotgun A400Xtreme Xtrema


It is important to clean your Beretta semi-automatic shotgun. According to Beretta, it is recommended that you clean your shotgun after each shooting session. It is important not to oil the gas system (piston, piston valve, elastic piston ring, or body that is attached to barrel) as this will create carbon buildup - just keep this area clean.

Let Cole Gunsmith Casey show you how a professional gunsmith cleans a Beretta semi-automatic shotgun. Beretta Shotgun Semi-Auto Cleaning Tutorial. CLICK HERE

BELOW ARE SOME QUICK SIMPLE TIPS: 1. ALWAYS make sure the barrel is pointed in a safe direction. 2. Make sure your gun is UNLOADED and the action is EMPTY to avoid accidental discharge. 3. Field strip your shotgun. 4. Clean the bore, clean the gas ports, clean the choke tube threads occasionally, wipe off the rest of it. 5. Soak the bolt assembly and the trigger assembly occasionally for about 15 minutes, about every 2,000 rounds or so. 6. Spray the piston, elastic piston seal and magazine tube with Beretta Gun Oil. 7. Ensure that the piston glides freely on the magazine tube. 8. To clean the walls of the gas cylinder, spray the walls with Beretta Gun Oil and clean thoroughly with a bronze brush. 9. GREASE APPROPRIATE CONTACT POINTS SHOTGUN GREASE CLICK HERE 10. Shotgun reassembly. 11. Check the controls of your shotgun. 12. Spray the gun with gun treatment and let it sit, then wipe.


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The Vital Role of the Recoil Spring in a Beretta A400 Semi-Automatic Shotgun
Beretta, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of firearms, has brought us the A400 semi-automatic shotgun, a marvel of engineering and design. One crucial component that makes the A400's performance exceptional is the recoil spring, a small yet vital part that plays a significant role in the shotgun's operation.
Understanding the Semi-Automatic Mechanism
To comprehend the recoil spring's function, it's important to grasp the basic operation of a semi-automatic shotgun. When a shot is fired, the shotgun's action opens to eject the spent cartridge, chambers a new round from the magazine, and closes again, preparing the firearm for the next shot.
In a semi-automatic shotgun like the Beretta A400, the force generated by the firing of a shell initiates the action cycling process. However, this force also generates recoil, which can be uncomfortable for the shooter. This is where the recoil spring comes into play.
Recoil Absorption
The primary role of the recoil spring in the Beretta A400 is to absorb and manage the recoil generated when a round is fired. The recoil spring is situated in the stock of the shotgun and acts as a buffer, effectively absorbing the energy produced by the shot. This absorption of energy serves several crucial purposes:
1. Recoil Reduction: The recoil spring significantly reduces the felt recoil, providing a more comfortable shooting experience. This is especially important when using the shotgun for extended periods or in competitions where rapid follow-up shots are crucial.
2. Minimized Muzzle Rise: By absorbing recoil, the spring helps to keep the shotgun's muzzle down, allowing for quicker target reacquisition and improved accuracy. This is particularly important in clay shooting and competitive environments.3. Enhanced Durability: The recoil spring not only minimizes the impact on the shooter but also reduces the wear and tear on the shotgun itself. This results in greater durability and a longer lifespan for the firearm.
Ensuring Reliable Cycling
Another critical role of the recoil spring is to ensure the reliable cycling of the shotgun's action. In a semi-automatic firearm, the action must open and close with precision to eject the spent cartridge and chamber a new round. The recoil spring provides the necessary force to close the action and ensure that it locks properly, preventing malfunctions.
Maintenance and Replacement
Over time and with repeated use, recoil springs can wear out and lose their effectiveness. It is crucial for shotgun owners to regularly inspect and maintain the recoil spring to ensure optimal performance. If the spring becomes weakened or damaged, it should be replaced to maintain the shotgun's reliability and safety.
In conclusion, the recoil spring in a Beretta A400 semi-automatic shotgun is a small yet indispensable component that significantly contributes to the firearm's performance and the shooter's comfort. By absorbing and managing the recoil generated during firing, the recoil spring enhances shooting accuracy, reduces shooter fatigue, and prolongs the shotgun's lifespan. It is a testament to Beretta's commitment to innovation and engineering excellence, ensuring that the A400 remains a top choice for shotgun enthusiasts and competitive shooters.