A300 Outlander Hard Case

A300 Outlander Hard Case
Plastic Hard Case for A300 / 390 / 3901 / A400 / A300 Outlander
Great for taking your gun to and from the range or for storage. Blue hard plastic. One side is hard plastic, with molded areas for the gun to be inserted. Other side features a foam insert to keep gun in place during transport.
  • Fits: A390 – A3901 – A300
  • Dimensions: 41” – 11.5” – 3,7” (104mm - 29mm – 9.5mm)
  • Max Barrel Length: 28”(760mm)
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: Blue
  • Features: Four lock points, Two padlock holes, Two holding grips, Four hinges.
  • Hard Case with Beretta Trident logo
  • Made in Italy