BERETTA SHOTGUN PARTS-EXTRACTOR, 303/390/391 12 gauge C52238-20 gauge C52241


SCHEMATIC REFERENCE -51, 70, 106 – A30051, A30470, A39070, A39170, AL39170, A391LIGHT70, A3000106
PART NUMBER - 12 gauge C52238

PART NUMBER - 20 gauge C52241

Beretta shotgun part EXTRACTOR for A300, A304, A390, A391, AL391, A391LIGHT, A3000
The extractor is an action component that serves to remove spent casings of previously fired cartridges from the chamber. In extractor shotguns, the extractor does all the lifting of the shotgun shell. When the gun is opened, it uses the mechanical advantage of the barrels hinging open to raise the extractors and bring the shell just high enough for you to be able to remove it manually. A Beretta competition shotgun may have different types of extractors depending on the model and gauge. The lifespan of an extractor in a Beretta shotgun depends on several factors, such as the frequency of use, the type of ammunition, the maintenance and cleaning of the gun, and the quality of the part. Extractor guns are very durable and consist of very few moving parts. They will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. However, if the extractor becomes worn, damaged, or broken, it may need to be replaced by a qualified gunsmith. Some Beretta shotguns have a selector switch that allows you to choose between automatic ejection or manual extraction. This may help extend the life of the extractor by reducing the stress on the part.
NOTE: It is recommended that all BERETTA PARTS be installed by a QUALIFIED and trained gunsmith. Requires additional fitting and heat treatment.
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Make sure you are purchasing the right part when it comes to extractors, or ejectors. The difference between an extractor and an ejector in a Beretta shotgun is that an extractor will just raise a fired case out of the chamber far enough for you to grab it, while an ejector is spring loaded and will fling the empty case out and over your shoulder, leaving the chambers empty. Some Beretta shotguns have both extractors and ejectors, and you can choose which one to use by a selector switch. Extractors are more suitable for hunting, where you want to keep your shells and avoid littering the field. Ejectors are more suitable for competition, where you want to reload quickly and avoid delays.
Below are some recommendations from Beretta for cleaning an over under shotgun: Cleaning your Beretta over and under competition shotgun is important to keep it in good condition and ensure it functions properly. Here’s a guide on how to clean a Beretta over and under shotgun: At the end of a hunting or shotting session, clean the shotgun and make sure the chokes are properly tightened. Metal surfaces on shotguns without protective surface treatment need to be cleaned thoroughly and lubricated after every use to protect against rust. Use a cotton cloth soaked in Beretta gun cleaner and a cleaning rod to remove firing residues from the barrels. Use a bronze brush if necessary. Always insert the cleaning rod into the cartridge chamber. Run a clean, dry cloth through the bores to remove detergent residues. Lightly oil the bores with Beretta gun oil on a clean cotton cloth. Never apply too much oil. A buildup of oil will attract dirt, and this can interfere with the shotgun’s operation and reliability. lean the inner face of the receiver (especially the area around the firing pin holes) and oil lightly. Do not allow oil to enter the firing pin holes. The hinge pin area is a very important coupling area. The receiver and fore-end iron are subject to very high loads and if not properly oiled, could cause seizing of parts or shotgun malfunctioning. Always make sure these parts are lubricated, following the instructions provided. Carefully clean the outer surfaces of the shotgun to remove all traces of dirt, sweat and fingerprints. Apply a thin layer of gun oil (good quality) to the shotgun, using a soft cloth. GREASE APPROPRIATE CONTACT POINTS. WARNING… XCESS OIL OR GREASE CAN OBSTRUCT THE BORE, EVEN PARTIALLY; THIS MAKES FIRING VERY DANGEROUS AND CAN DAMAGE THE SHOTGUN AS WELL AS CAUSING SERIOUS INJURY TO THE SHOOTER AND BYSTANDERS. 


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