SCHEMATIC REFERENCE 55, 61, 113 - A30055, A30461, A39061, A39161, AL39161, A391LIGHT61, A300113

PART NUMBER C56051 12 gauge and 20 gauge

Beretta shotgun part PLUNGER, COCK HANDLE for A300, A304, A390, A391, AL391, A391LIGHT, A300

The PLUNGER, COCK HANDLE, also known as charging handle or bolt handle, is a device on a competition shotgun which, when manipulated, results in the bolt being pulled to the rear, putting the hammer or striker into a spring-loaded set position, allowing the breech to load a new round from the magazine if required. By opening the breech, it also helps the operator to verify that the shotguns chamber is clear of any rounds or other obstructions. These handle designs vary significantly between manufactures but may look like a small protrusion or hook from the side of the bolt, pump, or lever on manual repeating firearms. The slide on a pistol performs a similar action to a cocking handle.

In designing a cocking handle, both durability and ergonomics must be considered. When heavily used, repeated motion of the handle can lead to metal fatigue, and to avoid part breakage, designs attempt to increase the mean time between failures.  Cocking handles must also be easily and comfortably gripped by the hand of the operator, including when the operator is wearing gloves or other protective equipment which may limit their dexterity. The cocking lever provides extra grip when charging the shotgun, preventing the bolt from slipping out of the operator's grip before it is fully pulled back.

Note: It is recommended that all BERETTA PARTS be installed by a QUALIFIED and trained gunsmith.