390-G:Cole Custom Gas Valve Springs for Beretta Semi-Auto

Beretta  390 Gas Valve Springs 

The Beretta 390 series are well designed shotguns which handle nicely and are very reliable with most loads. The gas valve system is designed to allow the shooter to use loads which vary from light to heavy magnum. While this system works very well for the occasional user; the avid hunter or target shooter may want to tailor their shotgun to a specific load or range of loads. The gas valve springs designed by Cole Gunsmithing allow the shooter to utilize the full potential of this design while increasing reliability, reducing felt recoil and premature parts wear.

The concept of calibrating your shotgun gas system is as follows: Each shotgun potentially has different amounts of friction generated by the moving parts in the action when the gun fires. This causes each gun to require a different amount of gas pressure to cycle the action. If the gas valve system does not allow enough gas pressure to flow to the piston the gun will “short cycle” and fail to eject or feed. If the gas valve system allows excessive gas to flow to the piston the gun will cycle too fast causing premature parts wear and breakage.

Therefore, by correctly calibrating the gas system the shooter will experience less felt recoil and prevent premature parts wear and breakage.

With the Cole Gunsmithing springs the shooter can select the correct gas valve spring for a given range of loads in their particular shotgun.

Generally the shooter should use a heavier spring with light loads and a lighter spring with heavier loads. This is because with light loads the object is to reduce the amount of gas which the gas valve allows to escape as exhaust; directing most of the gas to the piston to cycle the action. With a heavy load a lighter spring is used to cause the gas valve to allow the un-needed gas to escape through the gas valve and only direct to the piston the amount of gas necessary to cycle the action.

Selecting the correct spring for your chosen load

The Cole Gunsmithing gas valve springs are now offered in only two springs. Each spring has a different weight value.

The purple spring (.089”) has a value of 26 lbs at 25% deflection.

The red spring  (.100”) has a value of  45 lbs. NOTE:  The red spring is heavier than the 41 lb factory spring and should be used only with light loads!


These springs replace part #53 (.098") w/ a value of 41lbs and work with 12ga or 20ga. model AL390 or 3901 Only. Will NOT work for the 391 or the A400

PLEASE NOTE:  This used to be Cole's 5-spring set. However, due to the discontinuation of this model we've decided to phase our "Set" out.

Keep in mind that factors such as poor quality shotshell loads, incorrect/inadequate lubrication, a dirty shotgun, or worn or broken parts can affect the performance of your shotgun.

We encourage the shooter to contact Cole Gunsmithing Inc. if they have difficulty with the use of our exhaust valve springs. Our competent staff will be glad to assist you in any way.