Wood Grading for Shotgun Stocks

Grading Scale for Finished Wood Sets

Our finished wood sets are graded using the system used for many years by the well known Reinhart Fajen gunstock company. We believe this to be the most accurate system for grading finished stocks.

 Grade 3 - 3.5 = Good quality Walnut with approximately 25% figure in both sides of stock behind wrist.

Grade 4 - 4.5 = Good quality Walnut with approximately 50% figure in both sides of stock behind wrist. 

Grade 5 = Premium grade Walnut with approximately 75% figure in both sides of stock behind wrist. 

Exhibition Grade = Premium grade walnut with approximately 75% or more figure in both sides of stock behind wrist, with a similar pattern on both sides of stock.



Grading Scale for Raw Wood Blanks

Our fine walnut blanks are graded using the European grading system for blanks used by the suppliers of “Turkish” walnut. Today it is impossible to know the exact origin of Turkish walnut, but most of it is classified as Turkish as it originates from Turkey and the countries in that region.

Grade 1 - The proverbial “fence post” walnut, fast grown open-pored and completely plain, used on entry level guns only.

Grade 2 - Good straight grain walnut with smaller pores than the Grade 1, generally very little figure.

Grade 2.5 - Like Grade 2 but with some figure.

Grade 3 - Well figured blank, generally used on higher quality guns such as the Beretta 687EELL or Browning Grade V. 

Grade 3.5 - Blanks which will be fancier than the Grade 3.

Grade 4 - These blanks are considered in the “better” category. These blanks will be superior in the figure and color contrast.

Grade 4.5 - A Grade 4 blank with extravagant features which deem it above and beyond the Grade 4 standard.

Grade 5/Exhibition - The finest blank available at any price, these are the rarest of all gunstock blanks, for example, of 100 Grade 4 and 4.5 blanks, one may find one blank so exceptional it is considered as Grade 5/Exhibition.

Anything designated as a "Plus" exhibits some features i.e. strength, contrast and figure that make it the finest within that grade. Prices may vary significantly within Grade 5 and Exhibition Grade blanks.