By hand-carving each of our custom stocks one at a time, Cole Gunsmithing is able to ensure a perfect fit for each individual. Through a meticulous attention to detail, we bring out the unique beauty hidden within your hand selected wood blank. Cole Custom Stocks will have you shooting more accurately and more comfortably. Shoot with pride - Shoot with a Cole Custom.

American Craftsmanship | Perfectly Fitted

Choose the perfect Stock Blank

Rich travels to Italy to hand select our large selection of class 3 through 5 wood blanks for Beretta (semi-auto and 680 series), Perazzi and Zoli shotguns guns. Customers can expect a class 3 blank to be carved into a beautiful AA to AAA grade stock. Our ultra high-end class 4-5 blanks will produce an exhibition grade stock. Visit our Maine or Florida showrooms to hand select the perfect blank for your custom shotgun. If you can't make it to visit we'd be happy to schedule a video consultation with you to get a more personal viewing of our available blanks.

View our Wood Blanks

high quality wood blank ready to be carved into custom shotgun stock

Hand Carved Perfection

The finest Turkish Walnut brought to life through unsurpassed American craftsmanship. Our expert craftsmen use highest quality material and attention to detail. Nothing compares to the joy, pride, pleasure of holding a Cole Custom. A perfectly fitted, hand carved, hand finished stock to be passed down in the family for generations to come.

custom hand carved shotgun stock - work in progress

Custom Finishing and Checkering

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with many of the best craftsmen in the business. After fitting and carving your stock to your specifications, we send it out to John Reese of Custom Diamonds for your choice of checkering. Options range from basic checkering to Fleur de lis patterns, point patterns, ribbons, and custom checkering with detailed border engraving. After checkering, your stock is returned to us for final finish and fitting. 

custom hand carved shotgun stock - finished