The Fitting Process

A Perfectly Fitted Stock is Essential to Optimum Performance and Accuracy

We are able to assist our customers in determining the correct specifications for their custom stock, or custom gun, as we do fittings by appointment. We can also refer our customers to a stock fitter in their area in order to help them determine their correct stock dimensions.The first thing to consider when purchasing a shotgun or making modifications to one you already own is gun fit. How do you make sure your gun fits? At Cole Gunsmithing, we strive help you understand the dynamics of a well-fitting shotgun. If you are a new shooter, it may take some time to develop a consistent gun mount, so modifications should be loose enough to change as a shooter improves and develops his or her style.

After a bit of time out on the clays course, shooting enthusiasts may recognize issues or “problem” areas. For instance, you may shoot behind the target, or over the target.  Maybe your cheek and/ or shoulder are really take a beating. Perhaps the balance doesn't seem quite right.

You’re shotgun may not fit you properly, and you may be compromising proper form and technique in order to overcome these rather unpleasant occurrences. The ideal shotgun fit is very personal. It has to do with everything from gender, body shape, eye dominance, left or right handed. Since most guns are made for right-handed shooters, the lefties of the shooting world are presented with the challenge of finding a good left-handed gun with an uncompromising fit. It is often a challenge for women too, whose arms are usually shorter, their cheekbones higher, necks longer etc.

Shotguns are designed for a male right-handed shooter who is 5-foot-9, weighs 165 pounds, with a 33-inch arm length and wears a size 40-regular suit. For women, lefties and folks who don’t fit that description a visit to a gun stock fitter and stock maker like Rich Cole, will have you on your way to improved stats not to mention having a great deal more fun!

Once you address your physical challenges, another important consideration is whether your shotgun is for skeet, trap, sporting clays or field use, for example. The swings are different, the target sight picture is different and generally the stocks and ribs are different.

Rich can build a stock of the finest hard wood blank or modify an existing stock to meet the needs of a variety of shooters. Maybe you need an adjustable comb, allowing you to raise or lower your face on the stock, or perhaps an adjustable recoil pad that can be canted to any angle and adjusted to the proper height. Maybe a simple trigger or length of pull adjustment is in order.

Call to schedule a fitting consultation in our Florida location, we will work with you to create a stock that fits your personal dimensions and shooting preferences.