How to Own a Cole Custom Shotgun

A custom gun starts with the customer. Let us build you a truly custom gun, for a lot less than you think. From the design to delivery, the Cole Team focuses on the individual customer through each step of production. Start with a fitting for a gun profile uniquely suited to you; choose an action, gauge, and barrel length; select your engraving style and imported walnut blank. Experience fine Italian quality and customization built here in the USA by Rich Cole.

Cole Custom ShotgunsStep One

A perfectly fitted stock is essential to optimum performance and accuracy. The shooter must have correct fitting stock dimensions. To work out these important dimensions, the shooter generally spends a couple of hours with a qualified gun fitter. We can refer our customers to gun fitters we have had a good experience with or visit Cole Gunsmithing in Maine or Florida for your fitting.

Step Two

Decide on the type of gun you want including manufacturer, gauge and barrel length. We welcome you to our Maine and Florida showrooms where we have a fine collection of guns and Cole Custom Shotguns on display. If we don't have what you want, we are happy to order the gun meeting your desired specifications.

Step Three

Decide on your custom features. Do you want a gun with standard appearance but with a beautiful upgrade stock and forend made to your specific dimensions? Do you want a hand-engraved, one of a kind heirloom gun? Select your wood and engraving pattern online or in person at Cole Gunsmithing.

Step Four

Contact us so we can assist in working out the details and provide you with a quotation of cost and delivery time. We encourage our customers to make an appointment to visit Cole Gunsmithing where our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the components we use to create your dream gun. We are professionals and welcome the opportunity to work directly with you to insure your custom gun will far exceed your expectations and provide many years of use.

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