Oversize Bolt Release Button featuring the Cole Trigger logo

Oversize Bolt Release Button featuring the Cole Trigger logo

The oversize paddle and slightly elevated latch will make closing your bolt a breeze!

Fits all Beretta Semi~Automatic shotguns in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and 28 gauge

Note: The Excel Blue button is a lot darker then the handle.  They will not match.

In a Beretta semi-automatic shotgun, the button release serves as a critical component of the firearm's operation, enhancing both safety and functionality. This button, often located near the trigger guard, fulfills several crucial roles:

  1. Magazine Shell Release: The primary function of the button release is to enable the removal of the shotgun's magazine shell or magazine tube. Pressing this button allows the shooter to unload the firearm safely by releasing the tension on the magazine spring, permitting the removal of spent shells or the insertion of fresh rounds.
  2. Safety Feature: Beretta shotguns are designed with a safety feature that prevents the action from cycling when the magazine is open. The button release plays a pivotal role in this safety mechanism, ensuring that the firearm cannot fire while the magazine is detached or partially opened, thereby minimizing the risk of accidental discharges.
  3. Quick Reload: For shooters engaged in competitive or hunting scenarios, the button release facilitates swift reloads. After expending all rounds, a shooter can quickly release the empty magazine, insert a loaded one, and return to action without needing to manipulate the action manually.
  4. Ease of Maintenance: The button release also aids in the disassembly and maintenance of the shotgun, allowing for straightforward removal of the magazine for cleaning or inspection.

In summary, the button release on a Beretta semi-automatic shotgun is a multifunctional component that contributes to safety, ease of use, and efficient firearm operation, making it an integral part of the shotgun's design and function.

Cole Oversize Bolt Release Button


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