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Beretta SL2 Sporting Shotguns w/Headed Stock 2025 Pre-Order

Cole Gunsmithing is offering 2025 Pre-Ordering for Beretta’s SL2 with Rich Cole hand selected headed blanks. Beretta refers to the SL2 as the Ultimate Hypergun. Manufactured in Pietro Beretta Custom Shop and designed to win. The SL2 features a Boss Type Locking Bolt System based on the SO10, Racing inspired detachable trigger group, and Steelium Pro X (Extreme Performance) barrels with OCXP chokes. Cole Gunsmithing takes the Beretta SL2 to the next level with a Rich Cole Custom Stock. The advantage of purchasing a shotgun with a Headed Blank is the customer receives a Custom Fitted Stock with their new purchase.

The price of $22,899 includes a Beretta SL2 Sporting Shotgun with Headed Stock, Custom Stock Fitting, and Custom Finished Stock. To pre-order contact Cole Gunsmithing through the webstore or call 800-650-COLE (2653) to speak with a Sales Agent. Please use the Blank Number on the image to reference the correct Beretta SL2 Shotgun. A Non-Refundable 15% deposit will be taken at the time of the order to reserve your Beretta SL2 with a Rich Cole Custom Stock.